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Tuesday, June 21

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Poster Showcase Session Room 471 A #267: Improving Safety Data Through Innovative Use of Technology Room 175 #266: FDA's Updates on Ensuring Post Market Safety and Surveillance for Generic Drugs Room 178 #268: Life Science Research Innovation Powered by Real-World Data Room 183 A #269: Strategic Planning in Selecting the Right Countries and Sites for Clinical Trials Room 183 C #270: Recommendations for Conducting Bring Your Own “Device” (BYOD) Clinical Studies Room 180 #271: Building the First Cloud-Based Submission Review Collaboration Platform Room 184 #272: Fit-for-Purpose Patient Preference Studies: Emerging Recommendations from IMI PREFER Room 186 #273: IMPALA (IntercoMPany quALity Analytics) Industry Group: Data Science Development and Other Collaboration Updates Room 470 B #274: Regulatory Convergence Successes and Opportunities Room 179 #275.1: PMDA Town Hall Room 183 B #275: How to Interact with Regulators to Qualify a Digital Mobility Outcome? Room 185 CD #276: Rethinking Fundamental ICH CMC Guidelines: Analytical Procedures, Stability, Specifications, and Risk Assessment Room 176 #277: Quantitative Benefit-Risk Approaches in Drug Development and Approval: Examples from FDA and Industry Room 185 AB #278: FDA Real-World Evidence Guidance for Regulatory Approval: Implications for Evidence Needs for Payers and Population-Based Decision Makers and Healthcare Providers Room 187 #279: Decision Making and Decision Science;: Learn to Make Better Business and Life Decisions from Patients that Used Decision Science Room 470 A

5:00pm CDT


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